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Monastic Tibet Institute

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The denomination „Monastic Tibet Institute“ evolved at the time of the foundation of the Tibet Institute and was partly a consequence of the federal constitution then in place prohibiting the foundation of monasteries. It refers to the double role of the Tibet Institute as Tibetan monastery and cultural institution.

Tibetan Monastery

The traditional monastic duties, as well as many novel activities are carried out by the community of Tibetan monks living in the monastery.

The design of the monastery is based on functional western architecture, in which some Tibetan elements are present. The architecture is in general not oriented upon the traditional sacral architecture of the Tibetans, since this would have reflected the altered role of a Tibetan monastery in the west in a misleading manner.

The Tibet Institute as a cultural institution

There is a large and growing interest in Tibet and Buddhism in the West. The Tibet Institute promotes the understanding of Tibetan culture, both in the general public and at a scientific level, in a variety of ways. This includes:

In addition, within the project «Science meets Dharma» the Tibet Institute provides Tibetan monks and nuns access to western scientific culture.