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The SmD Teaching Material

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During the years 2001 to 2011 numerous western instructors taught science in Mundgod and Bylakuppe. They have produced many scripts and presentations and almost all have been translated into Tibetan. This was very challenging, because in the beginning there was no scientific vocabulary available for many expressions. Therefore some of the translations are not of high quality.

After downloading the zipFile and unzipping it: Through the subfolders you can navigate to the single files. The file label explains the content of the file. Each file name has a code number for identification. The explanation of the code structure you can find here.

Database of the SmD Teaching Material (PDF Files)

  1. Introduction (SmDI) [ZipFile]
  2. Mathematics (SmDM) [ZipFile]
  3. Physics (SmDP) [ZipFile]
  4. Chemistry (SmDC) [ZipFile]
  5. Biology (SmDB) [ZipFile]
  6. Earth_Space_Sci (SmDE) [ZipFile]
  7. Book_Coordinated_Science_tib [ZipFile]

If you need Microsoft Word versions of the files, then please contact the SmD Project Manager.

In addition to papers written by our instructors, there are Tibetan translations of few single chapters from the books: "Cambridge Coordinated Science"
Biology: ISBN-13: 978-0521459440
Chemistry: ISBN-13: 978-0521459433
Physics: ISBN-13: 978-0521599825